Innovation and digitalization for water quality assurance

BRK invests in digital platforms to monitor water and effluent quality.

Em 2021, a BRK tratou quase 300 milhões de metros cúbicos de esgoto. O principal benefício desse serviço é evitar que corpos hídricos (rios, córregos, lagos e mares) sejam In 2021, BRK treated almost 300 million cubic meters of sewage. The main benefit of this service is to prevent water bodies (rivers, streams, lakes and seas) from being contaminated with raw effluents, harming the quality of water, the environment, the health and the quality of life of populations.

To ensure maximum efficiency in water and effluent treatment processes, BRK invests in technology and innovation, combined with digital tools to provide more agility and accuracy in quality monitoring processes.

In treatment plants, the company uses digital sensors to monitor critical parameters of water quality online. The third-party laboratories, which also monitor the quality of water and effluents, are all integrated through a LIMS (Laboratory Information Management System). The insertion of water quality data is automated and digital in the information system for monitoring the quality of water for human consumption of the Ministry of Health, SISAGUA.

The company also has Effluent Monitoring Programs. With this monitoring, the company carries out frequent analyses of the tributaries and effluents of all stages of sewage treatment, especially the treated effluent, in order to ensure that there is no change or significant impact on the quality of the receiving bodies of the treated effluents. All data related to the quality of treated effluents are also entered and can be managed through the LIMS system.

BRK has already implemented online quality monitoring in 11 water treatment plants. The company’s goal is to reach 40 more units by the end of 2026

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